Monday, November 27, 2006


Sibu Hash House Harriers

Run No : 350

Location : 8 miles Old Oya Road, Sibu

Date : 16th November, 2006 (Sunday)

Hares : Kwando Tang

1. Most of the hashers trun up early todays & total of 44 hashers. The weather is fine & a bit hot.

2. At 4:05pm our hare speedy announced on that way, Harsher Forest Anne was so anxious to lead the
way. The hashers had to climb the "almost 90 degress slope". Some was crying for help !!!Forest Anne was
the 1st one to reach the top.
3. The trail are good for running with few small to medium hills. It is cool and fresh in the jungle.
4. JJ & Afai took 55 mins to finish where as others took more than a hours & finally the weather getting

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