Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ballbreaker Run At Sebintek, Miles 25th, Oya Road, Sibu
31st March, 2007
Taking advantage of the public holiday, The Sibu Hash House Harriers organised their 1st ever Hash Marathon. The 20++ km cross country gruelling run covered some 36 hills, rivers, streams, swamps & jungle tracks. It took the committee one whole month to lay the trail.
A total of 160 hashers from Kuching City Hash, Kota Padawan Hash, Tatau Hash, Bintulu Hash & Sibu Hash took part, age raning from 18-62 years.
Flagged off by Sibu Grand Master John Chiew @ Forest John, the run started at 8:30 am.The first group hashers came back in about 7 hours while the last group clocked in at 2000 hour, assisted by sweepers armed with torch lights. Participants were later treated to a sumptous dinner at a local restaurant.
160 Hashers From Kuching, Sibu, Tatau & bintulu

20km plus with 36 hills, rivers, streams, swamps & jungle tracks

The Hares took one whole month to lay the trail

Taking a rest at the 1st leg

Liong Nai Choi - The "champion" who completed in 7 hrs & 40 min, his tongue sticking out !!!

Liong Nai Choi struggling at the half way point ....................... minus his balls !!!

On On at a local restaurant

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