Monday, June 04, 2007

LongHouse Run At Skuau, 28th Mile, Sibu-Bintulu Road on 27th may 2007

To mark the run-up to Gawai Dayak, the Sibu Hash House Harriers staged one of the regular runs at a longhouse area in Sikuau, Mile 28 Oya Road .

Some longhouse folk gamely joines 80 hashers in the run.

Later, longhouse headman John Dulah treated hashers to an exotic dinner.

Hashers posing in front of RH John Dulah

WELCOME: John (using Iban headgear) with the hashers

Pass through the man made bridge !!

How to cross ?? waiting for help !!

How to come down ??

Welcome at the longhouse door

On On started !!!

Forest Ann perfomanced a speical dance with Iban folk

Slide show

Iban Dance

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